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I, Clark Breslin, stand for my clients becoming happy, healthy, fulfilled beings at one with their limitless potential.

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What our customers are saying

Thanks to Clark Breslin Hypnotherapy, I have been able to worry less, study more effectively, and even strengthen my (sense of) connection. The care I receive is invaluable. Mr. Breslin even prepared CDs I can use outside sessions for reinforcement! Very happy! Highly recommend!

S. P. - Satisfied Customer

I would highly recommend Mr. Breslin for hypnotherapy. Mr. Breslin is knowledgeable in his field. I felt relaxed and comfortable during my session. I noticed a significant, positive change in me after my first session.

D. M. - Satisfied Customer

Integrative Hypnotherapy

Using proven techniques and the client's own words to form suggestions and imagery, Integrative Hypnotherapy puts the client in touch with their own, inner resources. It can provide excellent results for boosting self-esteem, reducing nervousness, achieving goals, accelerated learning, and improved test performance.

Medical Support Hypnotherapy

Medical Support Hypnotherapy is offered to an adjunct to care provided by qualified medical professionals.  Uses include, but are not limited to, pain management, accelerated healing, stress reduction, weight loss, ending bad health habits, and beginning good health habits.

Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to proper medical care.  Always consult your medical professional.

Natal and Past Life Regression Therapy

Sometimes, issues run deeper than expected.  More than just regression, these are therapies. Learn the source or even karmic cause to issues, and then address them with proven therapy modalities. 

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